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Inspired by Innovation

Clartes Ltd is a R&D, engineering and manufacturing company. We specialize in research and development of electronic components and complete audio products. We design and manufacture high end performance, audio equipment for home use with finest components and best available technology.  We offer the most innovative audio products under the SW1X Audio Design™ brand.

Established in 2010, Clartes Ltd benefits from being built on a firm foundation of expertise and experience of R&D in product development. The business continues to deliver progressive solutions to its clients. With a well equipped infrastructure of engineers and designers, as well as an electronic engineering workshop on site, Clartes Ltd is offers bespoke electronic design and technology.

We provide componets sourcing and componets choice consultancy service and are a source of innovative solutions for bespoke projects. Our R&D in product development is second to none. Here we offer a complete range of services from definition of a Product Concept to After Sales. Nothing is too extreme and everything is possible.

Our Vision

"Nothing is constant as change". In the same time history tends to repeats itself just under differnt diguise. The main objective is to offer an audio design that becomes a classic and remains musically unbeaten 30 years from now.

Our Mission

To design, manufacture and to market the most innovative and highest quality audio products, connecting the listener to music and defying what is imagined and possible.

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